Are you a natural empire builder?

“If you call perpetually failing a trait.” Sampson Starkweather said that. I think empire builder is a bit much, but I’d say I’m maybe the antithesis of that; I like to play a role of political absentmindedness then unexpectedly turn around and slay my enemy to show that I’m “in the know” about something but I don’t want to occupy it’s center. I like to watch the politics of the literary community play out but I really want nothing to do with it. I think the poetry is really what matters, and like old empires, religion was really at the core of matters but so often personal relationships manifest themselves and egos take hold in such a way where the vision gets lost. I hope to never obscure that poetry is what’s important.

Is Land

By Paige Taggart


a bridge with a car driving over it
the car driving onto a boat
the boat carries the car across the mainland onto the island
where the little houses live
the little houses you can drive to but only if your car goes
on a ferry across the water
the mainland has more people than the is÷≥land