Kevin close-up in elevatorSo, Bonnie, what exactly is a chupacabra and why do you have one in your new linked collection, What Happened Here: a novella & stories?

Well, Bonnie, there are a lot of different people’s versions of chupacabras, which means goat suckers in Spanish. Some even think they’re extraterrestrial. I tend to go with the story that says they were first spotted in Puerto Rico, then moved into South America and Mexico, and more recently have been seen in southern parts of the United States. They’re part wolf and part dog, and yet can jump like kangaroos. They’re missing a lot of hair.

What Happened Here cover hi-resI knew all about the crash when I moved onto Boundary Street in 2003. Everyone in San Diego did. Twenty-five years earlier, the deadliest airline disaster in U.S. history occurred above our homes before we lived here. It’s still the deadliest in California. PSA Flight 182 and a Cessna collided mid-air over our North Park neighborhood.

The perspective from the ground was shown afterward on the cover of TIME Magazine and newspapers around the world:  The flaming Pacific Southwest Airlines jet carrying a hundred and thirty-seven passengers plunged towards what was now our backyards.

Dear Peg Mokrass,

I have a very large crush on a very small man. He may be a dwarf. I am not sad, or happy. I am spooked. I bump into the cats. I spray deodorant on my face. Nothing feels the way it used to, and I am much too tall. Things are messed up. Sometimes, I contemplate finding Jesus. Any advice would be welcome. -Sincerely, Lovestruck and Tall

Dear LT,

I like little guys too! The heart follows its own Jim Jones to strange, remote islands. It tells us to drink its elixir, its Flavor Aid. LMAO x tragedy. Dude, to me? It sounds to me as though you are in deep, and this can only be good in terms of FINDING JESUS. I can help. [email protected]

When the heart leads us toward the following:

a. dwarfs

b. pillowy man with rickets

c. cosmetically enhanced contortionists

d. female Gestalt therapists

you know it’s time to ask for the the savior to make a house call!  LOL x God x [email protected] He needs the cash.

When the Lord arrives, have on something sweaty and cheesy (he’s corny) and sweltering. Serve ONLY organic hymen cherries ordered from [email protected] – Spread ’em around next to your basic Costco (and this is where you really save) rhubarb candles… Say the words he wants to hear.

Poof. Little-big-man will expand if not explode inside your soul.


Peg Mokrass,

Sanity Liposuction & Behavioral Goddess

Meg’s new book “Damn Sure Right” 88 flash fiction stories is available here from Press 53