PrestonAllen_NewWhat a strangely beautiful story is Every Boy Should Have a Man. It’s so unlike anything you’ve ever done before. How did you come up with the idea?

When inspiration comes to me, my art always awakens as a gift of the spirit, as the Holy Bible says, a mirror reflecting the condition of my psyche, my personality, and perhaps even my soul–not soul in any religious sense, but in the funky/revolutionary/swing-your-hips-to-the-beat-of-the-music sense.  Man, when it’s going real good, I can feel it flowing out of me in a stream of subconscious conscience no bucket can catch.

EveryBoyShouldHaveAMan1-562x800He was not unusual because he had a man. In those days every boy had a man or wanted one. He was not unusual because he had a man that talked. With the boom in mining and the approaching war, they were breeding more talking mans, and many boys—at least those born to well-to-do families—had mans that talked.

What made this boy unusual was that he was born to a poor family and he had a man that talked.

He was playing in the bramble after school one day when he spotted the man.

“A man!” the boy exclaimed.

The man said, “Hello there.”

“A man that talks!” squealed the delighted boy.

He did not look like a wild or dangerous man, so the boy fashioned a leash out of string from his sack and led the man home.