Isn’t a “self-interview” an exercise in narcissism?

I like to masturbate.  There’s nothing narcissistic about that.


You seem a little cranky, have I caught you at a bad time?

I left my reading glasses on an airplane so everything on my computer screen is migraine-inducingly minuscule and yeah, I’m fucking jet-lagged.


Always with the bad words.

There are no bad words.

14book "RAW" by Mark Haskell SmithCurtis woke up to the sound of hammering coming from the kitchen. It wasn’t loud, not like a hammer hitting a nail. It was more of the persistent and highly annoying tap tap tap of careful carpentry. Curtis took a quick inventory of his body; the tap tap tapping wasn’t helping the pounding headache that was reverberating  through his cra­nium, and there was a taste in his mouth that reminded him of licking nine­volt batteries when he was a kid. He blinked and the sound of his eyes flapping caused a stabbing pain in his head to ping from front to back and awaken an unpleasant sensation in his stomach. Curtis couldn’t tell if he needed to vomit or take a dump or both, so he just lay there, hoping the sensations would subside. He shifted in bed and felt a sharp twinge in his right ankle, like it had been dislocated or just wasn’t hooked on to his leg properly.