This week on Otherppl: an epic end to a pathetic and demoralizing year.


With guest appearances by Megan Boyle, Leland Cheuk, Richard Chiem, Rachel Bell de Navailles, Juliet Escoria, Joseph Grantham, Mik Grantham, Ben Loory, Gene Morgan, Timothy Willis Sanders, and Bud Smith.

Special guest: Rich Ferguson.

Richard Chiem is the guest. His new novel, King of Joy, is available from Soft Skull Press.

This is Richard’s second time on the podcast. He first appeared in Episode 142 on January 23, 2013.

Chiem is also the author of You Private Person (Sorry House Classics). It was named one of Publishers Weekly’s 10 Essential Books of the American West. His work has appeared in City Arts Magazine, NY Tyrant, and Gramma Poetry, among other places. He lives in Seattle, WA.

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