Ali Liebert’s star is on the rise with the upcoming release of four feature films (Foxfire, Afghan Luke, Sisters & Brothers, and In the Hive) as well as her work in the original Global series, Bomb Girls.

She is perhaps best known for playing sassy Nikki Bolton on the popular CBS horror/drama TV series, Harper’s Island. But with over 45 credits to her name, television audiences may also recognize her from guest appearances on Hellcats, Human Target, Fringe, Dead Like Me, and The L Word, among others.

At the beginning of 2011 I bought five literary magazines off the rack at Powell’s. I did this for all the self-involved reasons we buy literary magazines: I wanted to know which ones might publish my work. I read all of the fiction in these magazines and some nonfiction, 25 pieces total. I liked most of what I read, but I loved one story in particular, “Reed and Dinerstein Moving” by Patrick deWitt in Electric Literature No. 3. I liked the story so much I vowed to buy deWitt’s novel when it came out, and lo and behold, The Sisters Brothers started getting the big push shortly after this.

The Sisters Brothers is actually deWitt’s second novel. His first, Ablutions, came out last year, accompanied by the rave reviews that produced both admiration and jealousy in me in equal measure. Upon devouring Ablutions and The Sisters Brothers, I found both feelings warranted.

I bum-rushed deWitt at his Powell’s reading in May, asking for the chance to do this interview. He was too polite to say no, and you, lucky readers, are the beneficiaries of my bravado.