Please explain what just happened.

Just ordered some coffee. This happens a lot. It’s 8:42 a.m., and I’m in Stockholm at a nice spot called “Coffice.” And it looks like the kind of place where they’re going to be ok with me sitting here writing. There’s this “no-laptops” trend, which seems to be going wide in the coffee houses in Europe and the U.S. Probably a good thing. It is a vibe-killer to walk into a joint and be confronted with a sea of Macbooks. It’s like a sweatshop or something.

There is a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction coming out these days reflective of society’s state of mind. We’re expecting the end times, waiting for everything to crumble. Religion and the media just perpetuate the sentiment, and the imagined methods of our destruction are as varied as the timelines.