Please enjoy the trailer for James Boice‘s critically acclaimed new novel, The Good and the Ghastly. Tom Chiarella of Esquire calls it “great…[a book] that speak[s] broadly to what we want from a novel, and more specifically to what we should demand from emergent writers — reformulation, reinvention — something new about the world beyond them…. The conflict between a rising gangster and a vigilante mother who pursues him is open and epic in its curve. The prose, ringingly clear, sometimes maddeningly flat, is always well footed.” Published by Scribner.

I get my belongings from the desk in the discharge office. They give me the ratty clothes I was wearing the day they brought me in, all in plastic bags, one for each garment, even one for my underwear, all of them then placed into another, bigger plastic bag. Then they put me in the bathroom, tell me to get dressed. You gotta be shitting me. I tell the guard who brought me into the bathroom to wait hold on just a sec. While he watches impassively arms crossed I dump the big plastic bag full of little bags onto the tiled bathroom floor. I take each garment out of its nice labeled little bag.

What is your new novel, The Good and the Ghastly, about?

A gangster and a vigilante and the future and the nature of evil. It takes place after the world has been annihilated by nuclear war. But way after. So, like, The Road and all those books you have read and all those movies you have seen about desolate post-apocalyptic wastelands and books about zombie wars or whatever—The Good and the Ghastly takes place like a thousand years after all that. Man has endured, like the poets always said he would. And we have rebuilt civilization. So, still having our human nature, things are basically the same as they are now, in our current time before we have ended civilization.  History is repeating itself. America is Second America. The government and everything else has been entirely privatized and is owned by Visa. And so on.