SCSU_13_TimParrish_2936fwIt seems like one of us should know a lot about this book. Which of us do you think it is?

Let’s take the plunge and see.


Funny. The Jumper has a lot of big action and big characters. It starts with an illiterate man, who’s grown up thinking he’s an orphan, and who also has the impulse to jump into the void, receiving a telegram from someone claiming he’s his father. And then there are the characters: a gambler who has been in maybe the biggest denial in the world for over twenty years; the eccentric, depressed, larger-than-life woman who was put into a fundamentalist-Christian-style Hindu school as punishment for being “loose” as a teen; the moralizing leg-breaker, the misanthrope who raised the main character and lived in terror of a geological structure…What genre would you call this?

Realism. The older I get, the weirder and bigger I realize reality is.

41dnwiHcHsL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_DAY ONE


Jimmy held the piece of paper as though it were both a gem and a bomb. Telegram. He knew he knew what that meant. He’d seen it in movies and on TV, heard people talk about it, but it was the brain scramble now, what his mind knew scurrying away from sense like a jackrabbit. This was what sometimes happened when things counted, when he needed the right word at work to prove he understood the bit of info that would say, “I’m smart, I’m like you, I get it.” He flapped the telegram against his palm, shifted on the couch and glanced at his watch. His roommate would be home any minute, but until then . . . . Sound it out. Tell-uh-gram. Tell-uh-phone. Yeah, talk to the phone. Tell-uh-gram. Talk to a gram? Tell-uh-vision. Talk to what you see? That could work, but he knew it didn’t. What else? He rummaged. Tell-uh-port. What did that mean? To send space people to another place. Yeah, he knew that, and he knew that lots of folks probably didn’t know. So tell wasn’t tell like to tell. It meant, what?, things going, things sent. Sounds, pictures, space people, a letter. A letter sent. So why not just let it be a letter and not a telegram?