TheaGoodmanPortraitWho on earth are you?

You don’t know me? I’ve been writing since I was like two. I wrote my first novella, Sweet Friendship in fifth grade. Two mice meet on a pirate ship, face formidable danger, overcome obstacles and fall in love…sort of.


Who are you now?

I’m a novelist and short story writer and teacher. I’m also a parent of two children. The Sunshine When She’s Gone is my first novel.


201303-orig-botw-goodman-284xfallThursday Night – John

Kidnap was not the right word. John had simply meant to take Clara to breakfast at the corner diner, where they had good poached eggs and were especially kind to babies. But in the end he couldn’t explain the inexorable pull, the electric thrum that made him rise from the bed, strangely untethered, and begin to shave with scalding water, or the innocence of his motive — he just wanted to be with her. He couldn’t describe the indefinite urgency that had propelled him. Yes, he took the baby with him, but she was his daughter.