SEAN_MICHAEL-1770_NB_FINALEwebWhat’s your name, where do you come from?

My name’s Sean. I was born in Scotland and raised in Ottawa, but I live in Montreal.


Why don’t you have a Scottish accent?

I did, but I lost it.

What could you say that would be interesting?

What I find interesting is that in Oceania the people in the village traditionally make puppet theatres in the shape of an animal. The stage itself is in the mouth or the stomach (depending upon the design). The plays are about what is happening in the village. The theater is a non-threatening way of addressing the issues, and the animal stage also keeps in the audience’s mind the perspective that we are each and together part of a larger organism. It’s also a good idea to make the animal beautiful.

Where are you in relationship to people?

Most likely I am one and so are many of my friends, probably.

What do you think a person is?

An accumulation of experiences from other environments in time, and from other forms.
It’s actually a very lucky place to be because humans are born into change and can take charge of their own learning process. I know that nobody is in control of their outer circumstances, but people can be in control of their personal perspective which can guide them through life.

So what are you working on now?

I’m working on another book of poems and looking for a job. Also I’ve got a narrative book and I want to start a theatre of some kind.

And I am working on how to like things that are happening outside my ideas. Staying with the world that appears to be happening more often because I realize that absenteeism isn’t pragmatic.

Is there anything you want to say about jobs?

Yes.  I am available to be hired for non-sexual work that doesn’t hurt the environment.
I would prefer it to be part time and to telecommute because I do not drive and I live in a remote place.

You are on a Space Station?

No.  Probably not a space station.  Or if it is it’s got a lot of bugs.

Anyway, in your experience and I ask this because I know you have very challenging mood swings, What helps?

Being hydrated:  apparently the brain actually shrinks when you haven’t had enough water. Also hobbies are good. Hobbies where you don’t have to talk unless you want to talk in which case there are hobbies where you can talk to people like D&D. Or an inventor’s club. My life definitely was helped by being near other people’s enthusiasms.