Tom Kealey-1What is Thieves I’ve Known about?

Well, first of all it’s a collection of stories, and it focuses on kids and teenagers who are living on the edges of society. Poor kids mostly, sometimes abandoned kids. The stories take place in North Carolina and near Puget Sound, WA. I think, like many writers, I’m trying to give a voice to people whose voices we don’t often hear.

kealey_thievesknownThe Boots

from Thieves I’ve Known


It was a visiting priest, as it often was, and the two altar boys half-listened to the homily and stared out at the small congregation. Snow was falling fast outside, and many of the old people had stayed home, but there was one man – more ancient than any they’d seen – sitting in the back of the church, and he was obviously a homeless man and a little drunk tonight.