TiffanyHawkAuthorPhoto2The last thing we read about stewardesses, er, flight attendants, was Coffee, Tea or Me?  

I get that a lot. It’s an airline classic and certainly the best-known book about the profession. Obviously flying has changed tremendously over the last few decades and most of the glamour has slipped away, but one of the biggest developments is that flying is now a career, not just a stint. Flight attendants, male and female, are trying to maintain lives and families while spending twenty nights a month on the road. They face loneliness and temptation and are toting around all kinds of baggage. When writing about that world, I didn’t think we needed any more silly stewardess antics or another compilation of funny anecdotes from the plane (that’s been done before, and well). With Love Me Anyway I wanted to show the deeper and more emotional side of what it’s like to live everywhere and nowhere.


How to Be a Flight Attendant 

There is only one way to survive life as a new flight attendant. Appear perfect. Luckily, this comes easy for you. You have been pleasing people all your life.

Arrive twenty minutes early for your 4 A.M. check-in. Carefully pin each strand of your hair into a wisp-free French twist. Buff your black high heels on the Buffmaster electric shoe shiner in the preflight groom room. Cheerfully welcome 312 passengers with a well-feigned enthusiasm for predawn departures. Try not to let the guy in 14E remind you of the last man you kissed. With twenty-six thousand flight attendants, the odds of running into him are slim.