Conescu_WilliamFor starters, William, tell us about your new novel, Kara Was Here.

It’s sort of a literary ghost story-mystery-character story-humor/suspense novel hybrid.



It tells the story of this charming, life-of-the-party actress, Kara Tinsley, who moved from North Carolina to New York to make it…and didn’t. And she has died suddenly at thirty-four.

KaraMargot Cominsky stood around the corner from the funeral parlor. She’d tried standing right outside the door, hoping for a breath of air that didn’t reek of carnations, but she was immediately taken for the welcoming committee, and strangers kept hugging her and cheek-kissing her and grabbing her hand. “We’re so sorry.” “So young.” “Too soon.” What was she supposed to do, thank them for their profound and original words? We’re all fucking sad, people. Look at where we are.