Newsflash—we live in a completely mediated environment—a datascape of fulminating algorithms thick with the ugly remnants of human in/decision-making—our bombs are smart—our bombers are drones—our stock-market is a mass of computer-processors trading on the megascales that defy human logic—our regal game, chess, was downgraded to mere determinism by a series of what-were-increasingly-sophisticated computer programs—our vision of the cosmos comes through the intimations of cameras and rovers and satellites that send messages into the ether—our hospital patients are beeping, now, because the potassium IVbag has emptied and the nurses have been remotely notified and alerted—our robots are ready to vacuum the floors or report for hazardous chemical duty—our shopping preferences and Facebook “likes” are data mined to provide us with the best deals the fastest deals the deals we can’t miss.