I like all these bands. The Broadways are from Chicago. The two guitarists are now in The Honor System and The Lawrence Arms. The bassist is now in The Lawrence Arms and The Falcon. I think they were something like 19 or 20 years old in these videos. I think these videos of them are from 1998.

I like Mirah. One time I was listening to Mirah in the car with my mom and my mom said, “What is that noise?” It was Mirah’s fingers moving around on the guitar. My mom said it sounded like she recorded it in her room and I said she probably did. My mom laughed.

I like Defiance, Ohio. I was in my friend’s car and she put them on. I had not heard of them before. The first song she played was “Petty Problems.” I said, “That guy is screaming.” One guy was doing a raspy voice for harmony or for doubling the melody. I like when bands do that. No-Cash does that. Leftover Crack does that. Or maybe not (not doubling or for harmony) but they do do the raspy voice. The Arrogant Sons of Bitches do it for doubling the melody. Good Riddance does also on their CD Ballads from the Revolution.

I like Leftover Crack. I have seen them a few times. I really like going to a Leftover Crack concert. It is like a giant party but not in a bad way. The lyrics are very depressing but the music is very happy. The lyrics are sarcastic also. It is very fun and a good feeling to sing very depressing lyrics about death, depression, and loneliness in a giant crowd of nice people to upbeat, ska/punk music. I feel happy when I am at a Leftover Crack show. I feel happy at almost every show by a ska or a punk band. Stza is very nice. Leftover Crack fans are very nice. They have a lot of fans that are like 13 years old and they are nice 13-year-olds. At one Leftover Crack show there were like 9-year-olds stage diving. Leftover Crack was called Choking Victim but they got a new drummer and renamed themselves Leftover Crack.

I like Strung Out. This song I put here is my favorite song of theirs I think. My favorite CD of theirs is Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues. It is their 2nd CD. The guitars and drums sound very nice on that CD. The songs almost never repeat themselves. I like when a song doesn’t repeat itself. Each song has a lot of lyrics. The drums are very tight. It is like a giant creative machine on each song. The drummer for Strung Out also plays in Pulley. The singer is a tattoo artist also.

I wanted to include Hot Water Music, Good Riddance, The Lawrence Arms, and some others in this post but could not find the songs I wanted to include on Youtube. I also wanted to include more Defiance, Ohio songs.

I like listening to music.










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