From Chapter Four: Am I Paranoid Or Am I Just Bi?

Young, awkward and queer, Cristy C. Road takes her readers back to the moment when listening to her favorite band made her feel OK with the world. (Click the title above to see optimal images from her stunning graphic memoir.)




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CRISTY C. ROAD is what Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day, calls “a BAD ASS”! Born thirty years ago in Miami, she began illustrating and publishing a punk rock zine, Green ‘zine. She then published her widely acclaimed graphic memoir, Bad Habit (Soft Skull, 2008) and Indestructible (Microcosm, 2006), a graphic novel, and started touring nationally and internationally with Sister Spit, with her band, The Homewreckers, and on her own. Her work has appeared on countless record and book covers, in zines, political posters, and signs, and in anthologies and magazines. Spit and Passion is Road’s pre-teen memoir about coming out, finding religion (not what you think), and her chronic obsession with Green Day. She hibernates in Brooklyn, New York. croadcore.org





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