Have we met before?

I’ve seen you around.


What’s it feel like to see pictures of your book in people’s social media feeds?

Like the first mug of coffee of the day.


What was it like to work with Michael J. Seidlinger and Civil Coping Mechanisms? I heard that dude never sleeps.

He doesn’t sleep, he hires people to sleep for him and siphons the resting molecules from their cloud accounts to recharge himself. Working with CCM was a dream. Great people, great work, great press. From the moment we came together to do the book, I felt safe and honored and like I was working with a press that understood what I was trying to do and gave me the room to do it.


Can we talk about the book?

Sure. What do you want to know?


Did you title it as an homage to Talking Heads?

Not on purpose. The idea of the book was based on my belief that memories are place-based. I talk a lot of shit, but I’d never act like I chose the title to get David Byrne to read my book. Unless of course he does read it, which, in that case, I totally did it for his casino love and attention.


What was your mental state when you wrote the book?

Precarious. Kind of a wild thing to go back and forth in time. Lots of ghosts and lots of hallucinations. That’s why I made the album to go with it, to convey and aurally communicate feelings I wasn’t able to articulate in words.


An album?

Yup. I have a little one man weirdo project I call shenxian. The album is absolutely free and I made it as a kind of “read along” thing. You can snatch it up at shenxian.bancamp.com.


Anything else you want to say to the readers of The Nervous Breakdown?

Please be kind to one another.


Seriously? That’s what you want to say?

I don’t think we can ever say it enough.


tmbtpcoverSEAN H. DOYLE lives in Brooklyn, NY. He works hard every day to be a better person and is learning how to love himself more. His book, This Must Be The Place, published this month by CCM. For more information on Sean and his work, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @seanhdoyle

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