Man in Mouth

By TNB Poetry


Art by Mark Shuttleworth, Words by Luigi Coppola
Video-poem can be viewed here

He craves the salivated slabs
that sparkle crisp and clean
then shudders as they close and clench:
a prison pure, pristine.

He yearns for molten mounds of flesh,
a writhing, licking thing;
his mass sinks into palette, pores –
a thrashing, lashing sting.

He covets curves and points and width
of moist red bursting lip:
entrapped, enslaved, a fly in soup
that drowns with every sip.

He tugs uvula, tangles tonsils
that bulge and bounce and fight.
His masticated aching form
is lost in lust’s first bite.

Luigi Coppola is a teacher, poet and first generation immigrant who has been shortlisted has been shortlisted for Bridport Prizes, longlisted for Ledbury and National Poetry Competitions, and published in Worple Press’ anthology ‘The Tree Line,’ AcumenInk, Sweat and TearsIotaMagmaRattle and Rialto ( Chibi-Luigi art by Keeley Coppola (

Mark Shuttleworth – you are I and I are you and we are Gong.

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