Stay around on a boat

           O viscous boat of nacho cheese

 Even      the mist is soggy

                                 Refrito pillow thumbprint

Horny rain, refrain

She watched but didn’t kill it

(the roach)

A lanyard in the aisle, invitation to the wedding

              Persistent helicopter boyfriend

Tall drink boyfriend


Turkey club boyfriend


Tall drink boyfriend

              Persistent helicopter boyfriend

A lanyard in the aisle, invitation to the wedding

(the roach)

She watched but didn’t kill it

Horny rain, refrain

                                 Refrito pillow thumbprint

 Even      the mist is soggy

           O viscous boat of nacho cheese

Stay around on a boat









original boyfriend


scotch w rocks boyfriend


100% loopy boyfriend


draino drinking boyfriend


pancake theorist boyfriend


popcorn seasoning boyfriend


soul whirl conspiracy boyfriend 


forget your birthday boyfriend


gentrification fence boyfriend


manual typewriter boyfriend


mumford ass son boyfriend


lasso throwing champion boyfriend


Assassin’s creed jihadist boyfriend


escape from the cursed castle boyfriend


cia-backed paramilitary boyfriend


Elliott Smith – Dancing On The Highway (Clearer Studio Version) boyfriend


sousaphone in the mardi gras parade boyfriend


Thank you for your submission boyfriend


Live at red rocks boyfriend


First time he smoked pot was with his boyfriend


The holocaust happened but maybe it wasn’t six million boyfriend


I got the news while in line at guitar center boyfriend


Never say no to nachos boyfriend


New tab boyfriend


Babe retweet me boyfriend


Calamari stan boyfriend


Bigger longer and uncut boyfriend


A face to face interview with Dr. Judy Wood boyfriend


I need more time to focus on my novel boyfriend


Loaves and fishes boyfriend


John 21:25 boyfriend


spectrum boyfriend


Off the grid boyfriend


The peat moss in the compost toilet actually smells good boyfriend


Hentai body pillow spooning boyfriend


It’s a great game to play and drink tea with your girlfriend boyfriend


Unable to use chopsticks boyfriend


Wait is that racist? boyfriend


Domo arigato boyfriend


Tech dreams future boyfriend


I’m actually really good at massages boyfriend


I fucks with tim and eric boyfriend


We fart around each other boyfriend


Kinda sweet aroma boyfriend


Webbed toes boyfriend


How exactly are you Geppetto for halloween? boyfriend


Growing pot in the attic boyfriend


Coordinating chandeliers boyfriend


You can make pancakes in a rice cooker boyfriend


Several van seats – free – boyfriend


Penis-involved zoom incident boyfriend


Best Buy (beaverton) boyfriend


Nothing beats nonna’s bolognese boyfriend


And the pope eats pizza boyfriend


Gluten-intolerant boyfriend


Resurrection in the chill of the produce aisle boyfriend


Have you seen my headphones anywhere boyfriend


Peaceful silence, welcome solitude in the bathroom of the party boyfriend


We’re a shoes-off household boyfriend


That was my fault i didn’t tell them boyfriend


I totally hear what you’re saying boyfriend


I have no idea what you’re talking about boyfriend


I’m not upset I’m just tired boyfriend


A caterpillar with glasses boyfriend


Living breathing boyfriend


4th dimension made easy boyfriend


Questionable handwashing boyfriend


Death for 69 voices



artwork by Vishal Narang


Vishal Narang was born October 2, 1990 in Washington D.C. and currently lives in Portland, OR, where he is organizing a mass musical drone event (@droneinthepark).


Willis Plummer (b. 1992) lives in Oaxaca. He is learning to surf.



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