The Martians came to me in bed,
“The earth is decomposed,” they said,
“Come to the moon, it’s made of cheese.”
I went with them. We sailed the seas
Of Nectar and Serenity
Where I met God and God met me.
We walked through stilton hand in hand,
“I think,” I said, “I understand.”
My head was like an open spout
My cerebellum dribbled out
And God replaced my brain with brie,
“I’m free at last,” I cried. “I’m free.”

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Walter Ancarrow lives in Brooklyn, New York. His work has appeared in Alimentum, Light Quarterly, and Three Quarks Daily.

2 responses to “Ondes Martenot”

  1. pixy says:

    yes. brie does equal freedom. tasty tasty freedom.

  2. susan zimmelman says:

    Walter Ancarrow are you looking for God?

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