Below are three poems from Willis Plummer’s forthcoming chapbook Mons Pubis, published in the U.S. by Stupendous Books.



Andrew mists a block of sod
Obligatorily the artist is present
Everyone sweats windowless
The factory is windowless
I don’t sweat in open-toed shoes
My cat vomits on the towel
That stands in for a bath mat
Five AM again in Eco-mode
The AC in Eco-mode
Shifts in and out of gear
Alcohol will do that at Six AM
Alarm clock type beat
Dry soles suddenly in focus
With a pause I’m thinking
About my dry feet
Enamel recedes daily
With lack of intention
These teeth get coarser
These teeth get
Increasingly coarse



Decent jazz jam lunchtime chatter
Is it a bed or a mattress
What kind of asshole
Moves two miles away from a bus stop
Beautiful Tupperware spooner
Gifted meal replacement
Biodegradable fork in pocket
Golden dog with ombré fade
Evil notions overtake us all
My ripped shorts intentional
To everyone’s disbelief
Tomorrow I can quit my job



Biking to see you
Obstacles demarcated by unmatched traffic cones
A tree felled in the street
My headlight strobing gently
All my happiness is gone in headphones
A sidewalk torn up and not replaced
To be so alive and so close to death



Willis Plummer (b. 1992) lives in Brooklyn with his cat, Majora. He edited Western Beefs of North America and occasionally contributes interviews to The Creative Independent.

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