> Lenore Zion is back, and she brought popcorn.

> N.L. on D.R. D.R. on Clift.

> Richard Cox knows what’s hot.

> Angela Tung knows what’s not.

> Kip & Josie‘s infinite playlist

> Flowers in Simon Smithson‘s hair?

> Zara Potts is so, so sorry.

+ + PLUS + +

> Cadaver Blues is to die for

> Shya & Co. on THE FEED

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4 responses to “Recently on TNB”

  1. Greg, that first line about Lenore bringing popcorn is classic.

  2. You should have the TNB guy in Van Gogh’s bedroom framed. That is pure greatness.

  3. D.R. Haney says:

    I hadn’t remembered that a comment could be left here, otherwise I would’ve said something about the doctored Van Gough yesterday. Anyway: love it, Greg.

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