SLADE HAMStand-up comedian, Texan, TNB Arts & Culture associate editor.

War zone traveler.

Drinker of whiskey and coffee (although not necessarily at the same time).

Slayer of dragons…and of Ronnie James Dio…but not of your friend.

Screech antagonist.

Hippie antagonist.

Victim of the fangs of a rabid cat, the claws (and knives) of a former girlfriend, and the whims of a South Korean cab driver.

Admirer of Garfield Logan, flag virtuoso.

And, in the end, a useless individual.


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37 responses to “Featuring…Slade Ham”

  1. Simon Smithson says:


    I win, bitches!

    I like Slade the most!

  2. Becky says:

    For some reason, with this picture, Slade, my brain inserts a video game controller into your hands.

    I don’t know how that makes any sense at all in the context of the photo, but every time I see it, I have to re-remind myself that it’s sunglasses.

  3. Uche Ogbuji says:

    Slade, you really have to get the folks in the unit above to turn down the bass.

    • Slade Ham says:

      Hahaha. I did it myself, with some old school hip hop.

      Nemesis actually.

      I’m not even sure why Nemesis popped into my head actually. I can’t even remember the name of the song I used to like actually.

      • Uche Ogbuji says:

        Classic Dallas Hip-Hop, that Nemesis. You must be thinking about “Last night,” with that crazy bass. They were demoing houses even before the Miami crews made that famous.

        Unrelated, but on the old school tip the obvious picture caption is maybe too obvious, but hey…

        “Don’t push me ’cause I’m close to the…edge! I’m trying not to lose my head. UH HUH HUH HUH HUH!”

        • Slade Ham says:

          That’s the one! With the wedding march in the background. I used to LOVE that song. i couldn’t have named it for a thousand bucks though.

  4. Yes! I was wondering when this was going to happen. You’re the best.

  5. Gloria says:


    I love this dude!


  6. Slade Ham says:

    Ah, Greg. A very clever ploy to lure me out of hiding, I see?

    I should be back around Monday hopefully, when I will attempt to catch up on so many posts that I’ve missed over an incredibly busy July. My super-sincerest apologies for not being my normal participatory self recently.

    Big hugs. THRILLED to be on the front page 🙂

  7. Richard Cox says:

    Release the Kraken!

  8. Zara Potts says:

    Slade – I like you better than Simon does.

  9. Joe Daly says:

    This picture rules. When Slade brings the house down, he’s so metal that he does it literally.

    Congrats, man!

  10. Irene Zion says:

    Slade Ham, with the impossible name,
    you are one of the funniest people I know!
    I am so glad you came to TNB!
    Live long and prosper, silly name guy!

  11. Irene Zion says:

    You forgot to mention
    roguish impersonator!

  12. Erika Rae says:

    Slade is a true Tijuana Ninja. I don’t know what that means!

  13. Andrew Nonadetti says:

    Ugh. I am a self-absorbed stooge for being away, Slade, and I apologize. [snaps fingers] A bottle of Jameson’s for the featured writer! Put it on my tab!

    • Slade Ham says:

      You are ten times forgiven. I’ve been AWOL for almost a month, and have almost certainly missed at least one of your posts. I have the best of intentions, yet never seem to follow up.

      So hiya, stranger 🙂

      I’ll not turn down the James though…

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