TNB is the place where writers are interviewed by the most probing, the most cruel, the most hard-hitting interviewers out there — themselves.  To wit:

SUSAN HENDERSON on Susan Henderson

TAO LIN on Tao Lin

DANA GOODYEAR on Dana Goodyear

MARCY DERMANSKY on Marcy Dermansky

GINA FRANGELLO on Gina Frangello

HENNING KOCH on Henning Koch

ZOE ZOLBROD on Zoe Zolbrod

STEVE ALMOND on Steve Almond

STEPHEN ELLIOTT on Stephen Elliott

ANTONYA NELSON on Antonya Nelson

MILO MARTIN on Milo Martin

JUDY PRINCE on Judy Prince

SHYA SCANLON on Shya Scanlon

RACHEL McKIBBENS on Rachel McKibbens

JONATHAN EVISON on Jonathan Evison

ROBIN ANTALEK on Robin Antalek

D.R. HANEY on D.R. Haney

GREG OLEAR on Greg Olear

The Nervous Breakdown is an online culture magazine and literary community. It was founded in 2006. Our masthead can be found here.

6 responses to “Featuring…TNB Self-Interviews”

  1. Hey Greg, did you know you have someone else’s pic on mine. I never change it cause it makes me giggle!

    These are all great interviews. Inspiring!

  2. Scratch that. I must have changed it and forgot. lol.

    TNB is a rich resource for today’s contemporary voices! Go TNB!

  3. Irene Zion says:

    I think that Brad and Lenore should interview each other, since they don’t seem to want to interview themselves as of yet.

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