SEAN BEAUDOIN is the author of three novels (Going Nowhere Faster, Fade to Blue, and You Killed Wesley Payne, which drops on February 1) and the owner of one of the more mispronounced surnames in the TNB annals (we think it’s either BODE-win or bo-DWIN).

The dude knows his music.  Like, he once deejayed a party using only music by bands and artists that start with the letter “A” (too bad for you, ZZ Top).  And he knows who Captain Beefheart is (or was).  And he has very strong opinions about what makes a lousy band name.

He knows his fiction.  He’s done interviews with two of the best in the business, Sam Lipsyte and M.T. Anderson.  And he knows how not to get published.

He also knows his politics — certainly no one can accuse him of claiming he can see a foreign nation from his front porch.  Not even Dick Armey, or some Internet troll.  Heck, he once edited a zine called Zapruder Head Snap.  In fact, he can pretty much solve every last crisis facing our great nation.

And then there’s his memoir pieces, the trip to La Selva and the relationship with the Dworkin-reading feminist, both ill-fated.

Also, I’m pretty sure he knows who killed Wesley Payne.


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21 responses to “Featuring…Sean Beaudoin”

  1. Richard Cox says:

    Sean Bo-doyne
    Sean Bo-dweh
    Sean Bo-doing
    Sean Boo-dwah

    Thanks to Erika Rae I can’t ever look at your name now without going through all those incorrect pronunciation attempts. Ha.

    But you’re one of my favorite writers on TNB and I’m glad to see you hogging space on the home page. You rock, dude.

    • Wow. Just back in town and it’s like a Friar’s Roast, except with people being incredibly nice. Where’s Artie Lange when you need him?

      Seriously, thanks a lot, Richard. And everyone who posted. I genuinely appreciate it.

  2. Joe Daly says:

    Good stuff!

    I love how you are just as big of a music geek as I am, and we probably like three of the same bands. Maybe 4, if we cop to The Bay City Rollers.

    A suitable honor for, as Coxy shared, one of my TNB faves. Keep on keeping on and good luck with the world conquest of Wesley Payne.

    • BCR? Man, I’m all over them. Yeah, I totally agree, Joe. It’s great that just being into talking about it can overcome any weird territoriality about preference. You and I? Object Lesson A and B in the new return to civility in public discourse.

  3. Zara Potts says:

    Sean Beaudoin, I love your work.
    You’re one of my TNB faves too. I’m glad to see you featured here!

  4. Lisa Rae Cunningham says:

    Yeah! I’m here to bring the Sean-Love. Way to rep the music junkies. Well-deserved, SB. High fives!

  5. Gloria says:

    Sean is one of the writers I will stop whatever I’m doing to read – – especially the memoir pieces. I really want to have a beer with Sean. 🙂

  6. Art Edwards says:

    Captain Beefheart, Husker Du, Whitesnake. Sean, please get out of my head.

    Fucking Whitesnake!


  7. Jessica Blau says:

    Thanks to Sean’s FABULOUS posts, I now have the word BEEFHEART (and other odd band names) running through my head in a Tourettes circle!

    • Man, for a second I thought you were about to reveal you had BEEFHEART tattooed in a circle around your ankle, Jessica. I was like, now that’s the way to respond to a post.

  8. Sean B. is the man and king of music-themed posts.

  9. Yay Sean! “Zapruder Head Snap” is the new pseudo curse word in my house, btw.

  10. Great Stuff!

    Just read several of the ones linked to here. Love the band names piece.

  11. JESSE DZIEDZIC says:

    What a really fun blog post!!

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