VICTORIA PATTERSON is the author of Drift, a collection of interlinked short stories, which was a finalist for the California Book Award and the 2009 Story Prize.  Her debut novel, This Vacant Paradise — which Alice Elliott Dark describes as a modern-day House of Mirth — comes out on March 1.

If you missed that detail, it’s because she isn’t bombarding your Facebook feeds with constant book updates.  That’s because she took a page from the Justin Benton handbook and removed herself from that tool of data mining and sheep tossing. Her reasons for doing so are well thought out; so well, in fact, that they covered two separate posts over at 3G1B.

And if she isn’t going to re-activate her Facebook account to sell her book, she sure as hell isn’t going to get a boob job.  (Although she’s not averse to cleaning toilets, or making her soul more Chicken Soupy).

What else do we know about her?  Her childhood dog, Skipper, did not take to Newport Beach, where the high school volleyball coach got a little bit too active in the lives of his student athletes.

She appreciates moms on planes.  She made the most of her job waiting tables.  She has some strange keepsakes (This Chick’s Had It!).  She knows that hairdressers are part of the family.  And she’s been at TNB for over a year!

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