Here are the rules. Here is the excerpt of the week:

“Your grandmother tried to kill herself today. She put a bag over her head and tried to suffocate herself.”

God, I was so relieved.

Almost excited, even. I got out of school early for this. Poor Mom, though. This was her mother, and I can see getting upset over this sort of thing.

My mother had a tendency to swallow this kind of thing whole. She was literally shaking with grief. Some people get upset like this. My mother was one of these people. I guess it’s safe to say I didn’t inherit this particular behavior.

Because Nana tried to off herself, my brothers and I had to visit her all summer long. We’d stand outside the automatic doors of the mental institution for a while, taking in the flowery, summer air, and then enter. The whoosh of sterile, crazy people scent replaced the outside smell, and into Nana’s room we were ushered.

[Who am I? Read more and find out!]

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2 responses to “Who Am I — 102911”

  1. Edward says:

    So…Lenore Zion?

    And that looks to be the Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek.

  2. Annette says:

    Elfriede Jelinek

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