This conversation first aired on June 17, 2015.


It is being reposted in memory of Shanna Mahin, who died last week. She had been battling a particularly difficult case of Covid-19 this past year. The cause of death was suicide.

Shanna’s debut novel, Oh! You Pretty Things is available from Dutton.

Heartfelt condolences to all of Shanna’s family and friends. She will be missed.

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5 responses to “Shanna Mahin 1963-2021”

  1. Alexi Holford says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s comforting to hear her voice again.

  2. Ronald "Nick" Smallwood says:

    My dearest friend for more than 30 years. You were suppose to come live out your last days around me here, in Hawaii. We laughed so hard about how we’d never make it as roommates so you’d have to live in Waikiki.

    I miss you already. I’m so sorry you didn’t to call me first. Tonight’s glass of wine is for you.

    Love ya Bud

  3. Ronald "Nick" Smallwood says:

    correction…..you didn’t think to call me first.

  4. Jenny says:

    I’m currently reading Shanna’s book “Oh! You Pretty Things” and I really like it. I wanted to learn more about the author to see what else she’s written and found this obituary. I can’t believe she’s dead; her book is so witty, funny, interesting…the list of praising adjectives could go on and on… I’m so saddened by her passing and wish her family all the best.

  5. Bob says:

    “Oh, You Pretty Things” was such a great book. I read it shortly after it came out and would periodically look up to see if a new book was coming out. Apparently, it had been a while since I checked It saddens me that she couldn’t hang on. Condolences to her family, friends and fans.

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