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Jim Berkland is known as the California Geologist Who Predicts Earthquakes — not by expensive seismic monitoring, but by checking daily tides and tallying up the number of lost cats and dogs in the classified ads. He is hardly alone. There are other people worldwide, both conventional and unconventional, who do predict and forecast earthquakes, too.

Jack Coles, for one, an earthquake predictor with his own link on the site, uses radio and TV waves to predict quakes. He hears static on the TV and radio and interprets it the way others interpret ear tones. He can also see the interference on TV. Berkland told me, “Some of Jack’s predictions have been uncanny, such as the first one I knew of. A geologist friend pointed out a small advertisement in the San Jose Mercury News from someone claiming to have predicted the Loma Prieta quake and offering his predictive services. I decided to check him out and phoned his number that evening in early 1990. ‘Oh, Mr. Berkland,’ he said when I identified myself. ‘I have been following you for years. It’s funny that just as the phone rang I got a warning for a local 4.0 quake from the static on my TV.’” Sure enough, the next morning a 4.2 quake shook Livermore, says Berkland, who can verify at least three more predictions from Coles that were on the money. “Hewlett Packard admired what he was doing and lent him a $50,000 Frequency Analyzer which was most helpful. Of course,” he adds, “there were also some notorious failures, but nobody said that earthquake prediction would be easy.”

But Coles doesn’t make it look hard. In early April 2005, I noted his forecast was posted on for a quake to strike the area from San Francisco to Los Angeles, California, effective through April 20, 2005. The percentage of probability was 57 percent that a shaker would occur between 4.4 and 5.5. The likely dates were April 6, 7, 8, 19, and 20. As a San Francisco Bay Area native, I had a special interest in this prediction. On April 16, I read on the Internet that a moderate 5.1 earthquake occurred 12 miles from Mettler, California.

Then, on July 28, 2005, Coles phoned Berkland and reported his heightened concern about the area of Japan. Evidently, he didn’t know that there had been at least seven quakes there of 5.0-plus near Honshu since the 6.1 on July 23 that he had correctly predicted two weeks in advance. “I continue to be amazed at how much Jack can do with so little,” says Berkland. Once again, I realized that earthquake prediction can and does work despite what conventional scientists and skeptics believe.

What are your feelings about geologist Jim Berkland’s earthquake theories based on lunar cycles, tidal effects, and unusual animal behavior?

While I do believe in Jim Berkland’s earthquake prediction theories, and they have and can do work, earthquakes can also happen outside of the full and new moon periods and during normal tidal times, too. And if kitty is acting out, it may be due to sensing a new cat on the block. Also, his methods don’t pinpoint the exact epicenter of an impending earthquake so I feel it can be too “vague” to be 100% effective. Each month he chooses the same four regions that are seismically active: Mount Diablo, Southern California, Washington-Oregon, and the Pacific Ring of Fire. The California areas have a 140-mile radius.

But, weather forecasting or forecasting tornadoes and hurricanes isn’t perfect either. Still, earthquake prediction can and has been successful for minor, moderate, strong to great quakes around the world, especially when lots of scientific data points to an oncoming earthquake teamed with animals’ sixth sense and humans’ intuitive signs—like I have and use to sense oncoming quakes in the golden states and around the globe.

How did you go from being Berkland’s biographer to an earthquake sensitive person who can predict quakes using bodily cues?

Twenty years ago, I hooked up with Jim Berkland, a fascinating geologist. I began to write national articles about him, earthquake prediction and animal’s sixth sense prior to earthquakes. In 2004, during my research (for the book about Berkland) I learned that humans can sense oncoming temblors just like animals can, and have done it for centuries.

Before the Loma Prieta quake (aka World Series quake) hit the SF Bay Area in 1989, I had a severe earthquake headache and went to bed before the earthquake hit at 5:04 on Oct. 17. Later, I interviewed one sensitive who relies on ear tones and I experienced my first one on the phone with her—it was like a mind-blowing orgasm.

Did you begin to monitor your body/mind cues?

Yes. It’s a sense of empowerment to be able to use the messages I receive. These cues come to me in dreams, visions, word/picture images, body signs–anxiety, headaches, ear tones–as well as observing Mother Nature, my seismically sensitive cat/dogs, etc., and also feeling a hunch and/or picking up on vibes from a place or person. I do not believe white light power can stop some things from happening, but I do know we can toy with our destiny or fate to a point.  The key is to not tune out our intuition or gut instincts but tune into it for self-preservation–taking care of our mind, body, and spirit.

How long have you been an intuitive?

I am a natural born intuitive. Recently, I realized that due to my Osage Indian roots that it may be in my blood to be super sensitive and the key to my being able to sense both good and evil. Also, since the age of 8, my teachers noted my “gift” of creative writing–which entails using the right brain–intuition. And my predictions often are similar to the creative process when I put together articles and books.

While many of my forecasts are about Earth changes, from quakes to floods, I can and do channel into my two dogs and cat–and read their minds. The spiritual part comes into play time after time, because I become proactive and prepare for the worst and hope for the best as well as forewarn others to be prepared, not scared. What’s more, these days in between writing books, I am a part-time phone psychic for an international network of psychic advisors.

Do you make earthquake predictions for California?

Yes, and I have been quite successful with countless accurate “hits.” Jim Berkland and I had an ongoing wager for the shaky Golden State. In 2007, I bet him $50 that the next 5.0 would hit Northern California before Southern California. On May 9, a 5.2 hit Northern California near Petrolia. I won.

Then, we had another bet for the next 6.0 in California. Again, I chose Offshore Northern California near Eureka or Petrolia. This competition lasted more than three years. I held my ground, so to speak. Both of us were interviewed on Coast to Coast AM and on January 1, 2010 I noted my predictions. On January 9 a 6.5 quake hit less than 30 miles from my chosen epicenter. I received a $100 check from the scientific geologist who paid up for my uncanny intuitive powers.