Recent Work By Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo


Good Person


the thing about all the things I like
doing is I don’t enjoy doing them

most of the time and that’s the thing
about me: I like doing things but 

I also don’t like like doing them
and maybe the problem is I just don’t

like doing, doing is the problem
I prefer to make the noise, doing

to just doing around my room, I prefer
my room but not to do anything in my room

except It, sometimes I like to do It
in my room, but only if the room is right

for the doing of It, only if the light is
on and off in the right quantities and qualities

which is a quality about me I can quantify:
I am 90% interested in liking my life 

but only 10% interested in doing things
that would make me enjoy it, like turning

off and on the different lights, I am also not
interested in not doing, not doing is also bad

I would never not do something unless
that something were a bad thing