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MACHER Literary Agent Rescue has a long history of placing aggressive-passive and empathy-deficient literary agents in the decaying homes of struggling writers. We are a dedicated volunteer group, serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, rescuing empathy-deficient literary agents from all over and all under.

For seven years, MACHER Literary Agent Rescue has rescued countless literary-agents from swank bars and overrated spas.

Co-written by Bobbie Ann Mason and Meg Pokrass


Peg Mokrass, world-class literary agent with a keen specialty in tweet, micro, and flash, telephones writer Bobbie Ann Mason about the micro-fiction trend sweeping the globe…

PM: Ms. Mason, many writers are making comebacks with bundled twitterings of their original works. In this pioneering spirit, I boldly suggest we shrink your classic novels into spicy Kindle-Android rolls and twitter-package them.


BAM: Like bird seed?


PM: As the world’s top micro-fiction agent under the age of thirty, I am fascinated to learn that a lot of iconic types—Oates, Updike, Mailer, Hemingway—are the real founders of the micro-fictionist movement. They just didn’t know it. Ernest Hemingway is best remembered for his six-word masterwork “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  Nobody reads his longer works anymore, or if they do, they don’t share them on Pinterest or Twitter.


BAM: Oh, pshaw! The Hemingway baby-shoes story is allegedly apocryphal! Have scholars proved he wrote it?  I’m not aware that any of the others in that so-called  iconic bunch ever wrote microscopic fiction. Nobody is reading anything long. That’s why there is no twittering chez Hemingway.


— by Meg Pokrass & Michael Dwayne Smith


By Meg Pokrass

The Feed

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Dear Peg Mokrass,

I have a very large crush on a very small man. He may be a dwarf. I am not sad, or happy. I am spooked. I bump into the cats. I spray deodorant on my face. Nothing feels the way it used to, and I am much too tall. Things are messed up. Sometimes, I contemplate finding Jesus. Any advice would be welcome. -Sincerely, Lovestruck and Tall

Dear LT,

I like little guys too! The heart follows its own Jim Jones to strange, remote islands. It tells us to drink its elixir, its Flavor Aid. LMAO x tragedy. Dude, to me? It sounds to me as though you are in deep, and this can only be good in terms of FINDING JESUS. I can help. [email protected]

When the heart leads us toward the following:

a. dwarfs

b. pillowy man with rickets

c. cosmetically enhanced contortionists

d. female Gestalt therapists

you know it’s time to ask for the the savior to make a house call!  LOL x God x [email protected] He needs the cash.

When the Lord arrives, have on something sweaty and cheesy (he’s corny) and sweltering. Serve ONLY organic hymen cherries ordered from [email protected] – Spread ’em around next to your basic Costco (and this is where you really save) rhubarb candles… Say the words he wants to hear.

Poof. Little-big-man will expand if not explode inside your soul.


Peg Mokrass,

Sanity Liposuction & Behavioral Goddess

Meg’s new book “Damn Sure Right” 88 flash fiction stories is available here from Press 53