Recent Work By Maria Semple

David stood at the sink, a pine forest to his left, the Pacific Ocean to his right, and cursed the morning sun. It beat through the skylight and smashed into the mirror, making it all but impossible to shave without squinting. He had lived in Los Angeles long enough to lose track of the seasons, so it took glancing up at CNBC and seeing live images of people snowshoeing down Madison Avenue for it to register: it was the middle of winter. And he determined that all day, no matter how bad things got, at least he’d be grateful for the weather.

I’ve considered Maria Semple a friend for many years.  So I jumped at the chance to interview her.  One rainy afternoon, I took my laptop to her loft in Seattle and we settled in for a chat about her novel.


Let me start by saying that This One is Mine is brilliant.

Finally, someone who gets what I was going for.

(We share a laugh.)