Today was a day of redemption for those of us that were picked last.  Today, we went to baseball. Baseball didn’t come to us.

Slake Magazine’s Craig Gaines called the game and the challengers were Red Hen Press, Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB), and Black Clock Magazine.

It was the first game of the Los Angeles’ indie press initiated Litball.  When you get a bunch of writers together, some of them in matching outfits, the quality of conversation goes up.

Who loves ya, Baby?


TNB Music, that’s who.


With Black Friday approaching and the holidays around the corner, many of you find yourselves understandably paralyzed by the fear and apprehension of gifting. What if you get the wrong thing? What if it’s the wrong size? Heady, soul-scouring questions, to be sure.


We here at TNB Music have got you covered. To help you with your holiday shopping, we have arranged for a very special bunch of musicians to help you avoid those regrettable purchases (and of course, we’re talking about socks here). These artists have agreed to dispense gift-giving advice to anyone needing a little guidance or a much-needed voice of reason.


All names will be kept relatively confidential and no questions are too thorny.


“My husband is a hunter but I’m afraid to buy guns—what should I do?”


“I hate my fucking boss. She’s a judgmental Republican/Democrat/Independent/Apolitical bitch, but I have to buy her a present because the rest of my department is getting her something. Can I give her something that lets her know I hate her without me losing my job?”


“My nephew is fat and spoiled. I don’t want to get him anything. Do I have to?”


Submit your holiday shopping questions to [email protected] and keep your grapes peeled for our upcoming Holiday Shopping Survival Column!


Homeowner Envy

By Ted McCagg

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Photos by Brad Listi.

Fudged Resume in a Difficult Economy

Book Soup, bookseller to the great and infamous, presents:

Happiness is a Warm Book:
The Nervous Breakdown Literary Experience at Book Soup
Friday, November 11, 7pm



the house!


Service Animal

By Ted McCagg

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The Nervous Breakdown Literary Experience – Portland*


We Read So You Don’t Have To


Tagging along with Wordstock JUST LIKE YOUR YOUNGER SISTER






October 3, 2011


8-11 pm


Bunk Bar


1028 SE Water Ave.
Portland, OR 97214


Half-time show, including potential wardrobe malfunctions with Portland’s MINTY ROSA playing their hearts out while we get liquored-up!

Hand drawn door prizes by TNB resident cartoonist TED MCCAGG!


Reading at this event: