the whole ecosystem

more semantically aware

most things aren’t social
most things don’t use your real identity
connections aren’t just happening

we’re going to go ahead

one social experience

objectively so much more awesome

metatags which you can use

Pandora is mapping
Yelp is mapping

like buttons power

a taste of the future

my identity is not just defined

The stream is ephemeral
The stream is ephemeral
The stream is ephemeral

it mostly floats away


Each line is a direct quote from the speech, made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Director of Platform Product Bret Taylor, to announce the ‘like’ buttons and new privacy controls at the Facebook F8 conference on April 21, 2010 in San Francisco.

The quotes do not appear in the order that they were spoken. I took liberty with that.

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9 responses to “What Mark Zuckerberg meant to say”

  1. Greg Olear says:

    Just saw the movie, which I loved, so this is timely…

    I LIKE this.

  2. Love this. Like this. Share this. Tag this.

    And agree with Mr. Olear and Mr. Matt – the film was tremendous – exceeded expectations.
    And actually did not make me want to leave crackbook, like so many others I saw had tweeted.
    I felt it was a great study in the need for connection.

  3. Mary Richert says:

    I want a thumbs up button for this. I love this technique.

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