After Terrance Hayes’ “A Gram of &S”

There were never lies.
Just tiny leaps
in detail. Turned soil

dragged in on your boots. Turned your gale
of honesty (out of guilt). Turned the peal
of my alarm. Turned my drunk plea,
and then, the billowing white sail

of your chest. Now silence is an unwinding spool,
its thin wire fence stretching between our sepia

faces. Now, this lapse

of our skin, an infinite aisle.


CHELSEA COREEN is a poet/feminist/sparkle enthusiast, once voted by her peers Most Likely To Glitter Bomb An Ex-Boyfriend’s Apartment. She is currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in biology with a double major in adolescent education, and fancies herself a real-life Ms. Frizzle. Chelsea got her footing as a poet through spoken word, and was a member of the SUNY Oneonta poetry slam team for three consecutive years. She has work published in or forthcoming in The Legendary, The Orange Room Review and The Subterranean Quarterly. Her chapbook Glitter Bomb was released in March 2014.

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