There’s a crack in my Mac

In the casing to be exact

And I wonder what I am to do



It needs a repair

Before dust and cat hair

Fly near it and go right on through



If that should happen

I’ll feel really trapped in

For in Deutschland it’s hard to prove



That I sat not upon it

Nor smashed it nor dropped it

Nor left it outside in the dew






But I’m broke so I hope

They’ll believe what I spoke

And repair it and make it like new

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Colleen McGrath is a twice transplanted former New Yorker who, like all New Yorkers who don't know where to go next, ended up in Florida. Opera singer and teacher of small, drooling children, Ms. McGrath has written professionally about such interesting topics as PORON for a communications company and while she found it both interesting and fulfilling, (bald-faced lie), the call to a more creative style was stronger. She is happy to be flexing those muscles on The Nervous Breakdown.

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