What are your feelings about geologist Jim Berkland’s earthquake theories based on lunar cycles, tidal effects, and unusual animal behavior?

While I do believe in Jim Berkland’s earthquake prediction theories, and they have and can do work, earthquakes can also happen outside of the full and new moon periods and during normal tidal times, too. And if kitty is acting out, it may be due to sensing a new cat on the block. Also, his methods don’t pinpoint the exact epicenter of an impending earthquake so I feel it can be too “vague” to be 100% effective. Each month he chooses the same four regions that are seismically active: Mount Diablo, Southern California, Washington-Oregon, and the Pacific Ring of Fire. The California areas have a 140-mile radius.

But, weather forecasting or forecasting tornadoes and hurricanes isn’t perfect either. Still, earthquake prediction can and has been successful for minor, moderate, strong to great quakes around the world, especially when lots of scientific data points to an oncoming earthquake teamed with animals’ sixth sense and humans’ intuitive signs—like I have and use to sense oncoming quakes in the golden states and around the globe.

How did you go from being Berkland’s biographer to an earthquake sensitive person who can predict quakes using bodily cues?

Twenty years ago, I hooked up with Jim Berkland, a fascinating geologist. I began to write national articles about him, earthquake prediction and animal’s sixth sense prior to earthquakes. In 2004, during my research (for the book about Berkland) I learned that humans can sense oncoming temblors just like animals can, and have done it for centuries.

Before the Loma Prieta quake (aka World Series quake) hit the SF Bay Area in 1989, I had a severe earthquake headache and went to bed before the earthquake hit at 5:04 on Oct. 17. Later, I interviewed one sensitive who relies on ear tones and I experienced my first one on the phone with her—it was like a mind-blowing orgasm.

Did you begin to monitor your body/mind cues?

Yes. It’s a sense of empowerment to be able to use the messages I receive. These cues come to me in dreams, visions, word/picture images, body signs–anxiety, headaches, ear tones–as well as observing Mother Nature, my seismically sensitive cat/dogs, etc., and also feeling a hunch and/or picking up on vibes from a place or person. I do not believe white light power can stop some things from happening, but I do know we can toy with our destiny or fate to a point.  The key is to not tune out our intuition or gut instincts but tune into it for self-preservation–taking care of our mind, body, and spirit.

How long have you been an intuitive?

I am a natural born intuitive. Recently, I realized that due to my Osage Indian roots that it may be in my blood to be super sensitive and the key to my being able to sense both good and evil. Also, since the age of 8, my teachers noted my “gift” of creative writing–which entails using the right brain–intuition. And my predictions often are similar to the creative process when I put together articles and books.

While many of my forecasts are about Earth changes, from quakes to floods, I can and do channel into my two dogs and cat–and read their minds. The spiritual part comes into play time after time, because I become proactive and prepare for the worst and hope for the best as well as forewarn others to be prepared, not scared. What’s more, these days in between writing books, I am a part-time phone psychic for an international network of psychic advisors.

Do you make earthquake predictions for California?

Yes, and I have been quite successful with countless accurate “hits.” Jim Berkland and I had an ongoing wager for the shaky Golden State. In 2007, I bet him $50 that the next 5.0 would hit Northern California before Southern California. On May 9, a 5.2 hit Northern California near Petrolia. I won.

Then, we had another bet for the next 6.0 in California. Again, I chose Offshore Northern California near Eureka or Petrolia. This competition lasted more than three years. I held my ground, so to speak. Both of us were interviewed on Coast to Coast AM and on January 1, 2010 I noted my predictions. On January 9 a 6.5 quake hit less than 30 miles from my chosen epicenter. I received a $100 check from the scientific geologist who paid up for my uncanny intuitive powers.

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Cal Orey is an accomplished author and journalist. Ms. Orey is the author of several books. She writes a monthly column Earth Changes “I Can Feel the Earth Move” for Oracle 20/20 magazine http://oracle20-20.com , and is the co-founder of http://www.earthquakeepicenterforum.com/index.php You can visit her website www.calorey.com .

7 responses to “Cal Orey: The TNB Self-Interview”

  1. Judy Prince says:

    Cal, your predictions and the ways you arrive at them are fascinating and thought-provoking. I recall reading that in China scientists use insect behaviour, as well, to detect earthquakes.

    Can’t help but be curious about what your cats and dogs may be thinking! I’ve been netflix streaming James Herriot’s “All Creatures Great and Small” BBC series, and the author (real name, Alf Wight) has his character, a veterinarian, say to a client, “If only they could talk,” as he nods toward the man’s dog.

  2. Cal Orey says:

    Hi Judy,
    I fell into this quake prediction thing back when researching the book The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes. I have been sensitive since a kid, but sensing quakes for 20 yrs. It’s a rush when you do get a “hit” and it’s empowering that you can prepare yourself. I’m hardly alone. There’s countless earthquake sensitives around the globe.

    • Judy Prince says:

      Cal, I’ve put your forum’s url into my “favourites” to tap into regularly (thank you, Termie, for providing it as well as your connection to Cal and her outstanding abilities and aims).

      It is a little odd, I think, that in “science” there seems no room for psychic knowledge and for acknowledging animals’ acute sensitivies to their habitats. Of course it makes sense to make hypotheses and to rigourously test them before calling them “scientist facts”. Yet, it seems to me that psychic “facts” and animal sensitivities are rejected almost out of hand. I may be reflecting a view that is no longer true. Perhaps scientists have thoroughly tested psychics’ abilities and animals’ sensitivities and I’ve simply not read about it.

      Psychic knowledge is not predictable; that is, one can wish to know something but not necessarily psychically receive the knowledge. Thus, scientists would not regard psychic understandings as validly scientific information, since they’re not infinitely positively test-able (i.e., predictable).

      I find that a bit amusing. Psychic knowledge is unique (thank you, Jordan) to each person—-p’raps because it is intended to be useful to that person and to those that the person wishes to help. Because it is “fitted” to each person, at times it may not apply to others, or it may have interpretations by others that do not fit them. I’m speaking about such things as symbols and signs in dreams and in visions.

      I’d be interested to know your and your commenters’ thoughts on this speculation I’ve put forward.

  3. Amber says:


    I believe that all people have “psychic” abilities. However, only a few of us choose to act and enhance them. The rest of the world population are raised to believe differently.

    Most of the females on my moms side use their psychic/sensitive gifts (well, except my sister). I have been able to see, smell, hear, and feel spirits since I could remember. As for quakes, I am the only one in my family with the “sensitivity” ability.

    Now on my dads side, we are of the Salinian people tribe. (from Salinas, CA) Many of the tribal members feel quakes coming as well as other nature related issues. I feel that this goes back once again to upbringing. We are of caring, nurturing and peacful people with a deep respect for Mother Nature. Members of my tribe even spend time on the Casa Dos Rios land to talk with nature, and tend to “pick up” on “vibes” reguarding quakes.

    When it comes down to it, I believe we all get the “vibes”, just some of us are more in tune and willing to listen to what our Mother is telling us. You have an INCREDIBLE ability, and I feel fortunate that you share it with us. Keep up the good work!!!


  4. Simon Smithson says:

    Cal, what an incredible story! And it’s nice to hear from someone who is at the coalface, as it were, rather than a friend of a friend who met this guy whose sister’s boyfriend’s parrot’s previous owner was dating this girl who could sense earthquakes.

    Welcome to TNB! (as I think I may have said on your excerpt)

  5. Termie says:

    I met Callie in the spring of 2008 when a series of earthquakes started in our area and turned into a months-long swarm. The swarm had unnerved me, and I was in search of information when I came across her EQ discussion forum. I became a constant visitor to her site and was quick to note how uncannily in tune she is to the earth’s movements. She is careful, thoughtful, and precise in her predictions, using not only her intuition but also following animal behavior and the behavior of the earth’s crust, tides, and moon, as well as noting her “somatic” signs (headache, ear tones, etc.) and is extremely accurate. You can find her forum at http://www.earthquakeepicenterforum.com/index.php

  6. Cal Orey says:

    Thanks Termie…Funny, now at nights I’m a phone psychic. It’s the same deal as quakes, writing. The answers come to me and often spook both me and the customer. Although, because I’m so sensitive sometimes I feel very stressed out after a call (kind of like tuning into an oncoming quake swarm as I did yesterday and today for socal). Is it a gift? Yeah, sort of. But it comes with a price.

    Scientists (i.e., police) do use psychics. One visionary friend of mine has worked with the USGS in the past as well as the police. Like medicine, I believe in combining unconventional and conventional methods–same with Earth changes and predicting what’s in the future.

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