He kicked off his sandals, walked
barefoot into the kitchen.
“I want to believe you. Will you let me?”
The moon went blue, strange and grey.


I don’t feel safe in this world.
Like their lyric poet,
I write – sharp tool, voice hollow in a creek:
“Was it a good death for the animal?”


Strictly entre nous, both chairs collapse,
one teak and mulberry find.
Between you and me, you and I –
where’s the ochre corridor? Take us?

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DESMOND KON Zhicheng-Mingdé divides his time between his art and teaching creative writing. He has edited more than 10 books and co-produced 3 audio books, several pro bono for non-profit organizations, with work forthcoming in Blackbird, Breadcrumb Scabs, Copper Nickel, Cricket Online Review, Ganymede, Metazen, Pindeldyboz, The Bend, The Writing Disorder, and unFold. A recipient of the Singapore Internationale Grant and Dr Hiew Siew Nam Academic Award, Desmond is presently sculpting three ceramic pieces to commemorate the birth centennials of Robert Fitzgerald, José Lezama Lima and Charles Olson, based on Lacan’s exposition on the moebius strip. His Potter Poetics Collection has been housed in museums and private collections in India, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.

2 responses to “Antediluvian Kural on Twitter”

  1. Simon Smithson says:

    Desmond Kon! Welcome to TNB. Are you our first contributor from Singapore?

  2. Desmond Kon says:

    Thanks, Simon! I don’t know but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the contemporary vibe of TNB and so was happy to have my work taken for its pages. Huge thanks to editor Rich Ferguson. I liked your piece on Nic Cage, a funny spin there!

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