Please explain what just happened.

Millions of years ago two warring factions wanted to mine the precious material and resources of earth. This being hard labor, they picked the dominant ape-like species and jump started the DNA code to expedite evolution, creating a labor force. By placing the “moon” in Earth’s orbit they could observe the progress of this species and subtly influence them for one purpose or another. A giant flood wiped out all the technology and “man” was forced to start again. Then at some point I was born.

What is your earliest memory?

I remember getting my head stuck under my crib and crying out for help. My mother came into the room and explained I could simply turn my head sideways, which I did. I wasn’t a terribly bright child.


If you weren’t a film maker/illustrator, what other profession would you choose?

Batman. It would be really cool to have a costumed rogues gallery. There would be no mystery of who to be wary of. If they wear pancake makeup or a chimney sweep’s hat, you avoid them. I suppose that could be true in any line of work except chimney sweeping and being a mime. Also, he seems really organized…putting “bat” in front of everything he owns is a smart branding strategy. But not Joel Schumacher’s Batman. More like the Christopher Nolan version, because I like the ladies. Maybe a little of Adam West thrown in so I could dance the “Batoosy” at parties.

Describe a typical work day.

My work day varies from day to day so there is no “typical.” All projects require a lot of research, fund raising and all around preparation.

Is there a time you wish you’d lied?

Yes. The details are sketchy but I think I signed up for a virtual vacation at an oxygen mining facility on Mars. I was under the guise as a secret agent and ended up getting involved in an interplanetary uprising lead by a parasitic twin named Kuato. I should have lied and taken the Movie Star package instead. Or that could have been the plot to Total Recall. I got my head stuck under the crib as a baby.

What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself at age thirteen?

Stay away from hippie chicks with trust funds. Learn how to weld for the lean times. Never cross the streams.

If you could have only one album to get you through a breakup, what would it be?

Station by Russian Circles.

What are three web sites—other than your email—that you check on a daily basis?

Vimeo, Kickstarter, and Facebook…don’t judge me.

From what or whom do you derive your greatest inspiration?


Name three books that have impacted your life.

Preacher by Garth Ennis, Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer, “Tulsa Race Riot-A Report by the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921”-released on February 28, 2001.

If you could relive one moment over and over again, what would it be?

The birth of my daughter, Elise Amelie, was a truly heady experience. I’d do it again.

How are you six degrees from Kevin Bacon?

My cousin’s name is Kevin and I’m pretty sure he enjoys bacon when appropriate. He makes Braille signs for hotels, lives in Arizona, and has adopted two Korean babies. I’m sure Kevin Bacon was in a movie somewhere where blindness was involved in Arizona during the Korean War.

What makes you feel most guilty?

Never learning to play the banjo.

How do you incorporate the work of other artists into your own?

Music is a big influence when it comes to storytelling aspects of my art, so I try and weave the pacing of a composition into a piece.

Please explain the motivation/inspiration behind Green Country Red Dirt/Dowry of the Meek/The Lost Chronicles of Ephraim Grey.

The motivation behind Green Country Red Dirt arose from the pride I have in the music that comes from Oklahoma. From Bob Wills to the Flaming Lips, Oklahoma has produced some of the most innovative and influential music in American history. Telling the history of this rich cultural landscape through the eyes and performances of these musicians seems like a beautiful endeavor. I am co-directing/producing this with Elvis Ripley and in association with Mule Films.

The Dowry of the Meek was born from the inspirational life of Hoa Stone. A war orphan from Vietnam born with polio and disabled from the waist down. Growing up homeless on the streets of Perth, Australia, he sold (and used) heroin to make ends meet. He found redemption and is now has started his own orphanage in Vietnam, giving hope to those society has forgotten. I have documented this remarkable man’s story on film. This is also the first collaboration with punk legend, Greg Keuhn from TSOL, who scored this piece. Black Mesa Entertainment is distributing.

The Lost Chronicles of Ephraim Grey came from my love of history and theology and the fantastical elements of both. This story begs the question: What if the entire span of time was pre determined by forces unseen and what happens when you challenge those forces? This is a collaboration with Derik Hefner.

You can see all this at www.sundaytown.com.

What is the best advice you’ve ever given to someone else?

I just told my 13-year-old self to stay away from hippie girls with trust funds. I’ll let you know how that pans out.

List your favorite in the following categories: Comedian, Musician, Author, Actor.

Louis CK, Maynard James Keenan, Jon Krakauer, Christian Bale.

If you had complete creative license and an unlimited budget, what would your next project be?

I would do a cinematic trilogy of mine and Derik Hefner’s graphic novel, The Lost Chronicles of Ephraim Grey. We are currently working on this.

What do you want to know?

What happens when you find the end of Pi.

What would you like your last words to be?

“I will resurrect and become more powerful than you can ever imagine!” That would be followed by maniacal laughter that leads into a death rattle and maybe a little gas.

Please explain what will happen.

Those who put us here will deem us either worthy or not and we will finally go home.

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DAVID ROBERT WAGONER began working for DC Comics in the mid 1990’s as a colorist for such titles as Batman Beyond, The New Adventures of Supergirl and Hellblazer. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BA in Sequential Illustration in 1999. He then attended the Kim School of Intercultural Studies at Golden Gate Seminary in San Francisco and studied under the tutelage of Dr. Tom Wolf. In 2001, Wagoner was a photojournalist in the Darfur region of Sudan, as well as Vietnam, Egypt, Eritrea, and Thailand. His photography toured in an exhibition called Ghosts in the House of War. These photographs were later published in the Savannah College of Art and Design’s prestigious alumni magazine.

Wagoner has worked on numerous commercial film and video projects as well. The most recent projects have been the documentaries, Drinkin’ on the Lord’s Day (The Rise and Fall of an American Trilogy), The Dowry of the Meek, and Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Beethoven Symphonies from the OK Mozart Festival and Green Country Red Dirt. Wagoner is also the co creator/author and illustrator for the graphic novel The Lost Chronicles of Ephraim Grey.

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