The 24-year-old actress sported a colorful manicure in court Tuesday that included obscene messages on each of her middle fingers. Close-up photos taken by a courtroom photographer revealed the tiny letters, which made worldwide news Wednesday on entertainment websites. – By SANDY COHEN, Associated Press

“Fuck U,” each middle finger read.

Well, I dug through a file I have under my desk labeled “Lindsay Lohan’s Fingers” (it was in front of my file labeled “Mark Hamill’s Haircut”) and I thought I would transcribe her lesser-known fingernail stencils she’s sported over the past couple days.





Thumb:  UR E-Trade Baby!

Index Finger:  Bread, Red Bull, Spray Tan


Pinky:  4 coke



Thumb:  DUIs = II

Index Finger:  OMG Sam Rrrr!

Ring Finger:  Free Paris Lindsay

Pinky:  4 x-tra coke

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5 responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s Lesser-Known Fingernail Stencils”

  1. sheree says:

    P.S I wonder what’s written on her toenails?

  2. Uche Ogbuji says:

    Do they seriously have ultra-zoomed cameras trained on LL?

    And I’m with Sheree. Toenail messages FTW! 🙂

  3. No Lee Press-On Nail could ever match wits with Lindsay’s nails. Nice one, Brother Boose.

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