Ladies, gentlemen, and spambots,

Want to have fun, help a TNB writer, and have a chance to win some great prizes?  Then enter the Totally Killer/TNB/Facebook sweepstakes.

It’s easy.  And fun.  And good karma.  And you could win a $100 iTunes gift card.  Which is a lot of music for a few mouse clicks.


STEP 1.  Change your Facebook status to this:

It’s “Totally Killer” week on Facebook.  Change your profile picture to one taken in 1991.

STEP 2.  Change your profile picture to one taken in 1991.

STEP 3.  On the Wall of the TNB Facebook page, post your answer to this question: “In exactly three words, tell us what you were doing in 1991.”

That’s it.  Easy.


At 9pm Friday, EST, I will put the names of all the entrants (i.e., people who have posted on the Wall) in a (virtual) hat, and pick one at random.

The winner receives an autographed copy of Totally Killer, plus more fun stuff.

If there are 100 or more entrants, the winner also gets a $50 iTunes gift card.  If there are 500 or more entrants, the winner also gets a $100 iTunes gift card.

The more people we have in the sweepstakes, the bigger the prize.  So please spread the word!


Really there aren’t any restrictions.  Other than, you have to have a Facebook account, or you won’t be able to post to the wall (sorry, Justin).

And yes, TNB writers are all eligible, except for me, Jonathan, and Brad, and only because that would look fishy.

Thanks for playing, and for your support.


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GREG OLEAR is the Los Angeles Times bestselling author of the novels Totally Killer and Fathermucker and founding editor of The Weeklings.

11 responses to “The Totally Killer/TNB/Facebook Sweepstakes!!!”

  1. Fun promo. I hope some of our Random Writers Workshop members will help out.

  2. Ducky Wilson says:

    Very excited. I don’t have your book yet. Broke ass bitch. So, come on Lady Luck.

  3. I’m repping on Facebook with my best impression of Zack Morris this week. I better win this damn gift card!

  4. Lori Hettler says:

    Hey Greg, I posted this on TNBBC’s Facebook and Twitter page! Hope one of my members gets it! What a great book, and a giftcard to boot….

  5. I’m not on Facebook but I put up my ’91 METAL look on Twitter for a while. Any excuse. And three words? I was BEING A STUDENT. Or GROWING MY HAIR.

  6. JenBoBen says:

    I read the first six pages of your book on Amazon. If I don’t win it, I’m going to buy it. I’m hooked.

  7. Greg Olear says:

    Thanks, everyone, for helping with this. I really enjoyed TK week, and seeing what everyone looked like in ’91.

    You all rock.


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