Fools Rush In
Talk about a double standard.  Rappers can say anything they want about women. It’s called art. And they win awards.

–Rush Limbaugh

I’m not sure which is more surprising — that Limbaugh acknowledges that rappers are artists, or that he suggests that he is one himself.
What isn’t surprising is the faulty logic of the statement — the same faulty logic on which he has built his radio show. The difference between Limbaugh and Lil Wayne — other than the fact that the latter served time when he was caught with illegal drugs — is that the former makes his money from advertisers, not record sales.
Does this mean Rush will record a hip hop record? If so, I suggest doing a track called “Going to Canossa.”


GREG OLEAR is the Los Angeles Times bestselling author of the novels Totally Killer and Fathermucker and founding editor of The Weeklings.

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