Artwork by Scott Aicher

Part #1

Palm trees
standing gorgeous
erect and regal
they call to me
they whisper things
to each other
they glisten in the hot
California sun
they promise
many things
to many people
sweet summer romance…
all I ever got from them
is they’re nice
to look at
and they’ve never
failed me.


Part #2

The problem
with palm trees is
there’s nothing
practical about them
they offer no shade
in the summer
and no warmth
in the winter
they just
look good
how perfect
for California.

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IRIS BERRY is a native Angeleno and one of the true and original progenitors of the L.A. punk Scene. She is the author and editor of several books and has a vast fan base for her unique voice and formidable writing style. She's an L.A. Pop culture historian, actress, and musician. She's appeared in numerous films, TV commercials, documentaries, and iconic rock videos. In the 1980s & 90s she sang, performed and wrote songs with the Lame Flames, the Ringling Sisters, the Dickies, the Flesh Eaters and Pink Sabbath. She served four years on the Board of Directors for Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center. In 2009 she received her 2nd Certificate of Recognition Award from the City of Los Angeles for her contribution as a Los Angeles writer, and for her extensive charity work. On Friday the 13th of January in 2012 she co-launched with A. Razor their not-for-profit imprint PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS where she continues to champion and advocate for original voices.

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