Is it that time again already?

Hell yeah, Dre.

Welcome to the 2012 holiday season. Are you ready for it? If you’re anything like the staff of TNB Music, you are most certainly not. But that’s OK, because once again, we’ve got you covered.

You all might remember last year, when we invited readers to submit holiday-themed questions for a Secret Santa, who had agreed to carefully consider your questions and provide thoughtful answers and practical guidance some of your heaviest holiday problems. As your questions so richly-demonstrated, no topic was off-limits; we fielded requests for advice on what to get that pervy uncle how to overcome Christmas depression, and the pros and cons of divorcing before Christmas. You guys are seriously messed-up, by the way.

Last year’s Secret Santa turned out to be none other than Hollywood legends Steel Panther, whose graphic advice was as uncontrollably funny as it was terrifyingly obscene.

To say that we are stoked about this year’s Secret Santa is an understatement of world record proportions. We are thrilled to have such a wise and worldly Secret Santa fielding this year’s questions, and we’re confident that your holiday anxieties, stresses and conundrums will be in the most capable of hands.

So let’s have ’em! Send us your holiday-related questions and like good little elves, we’ll pass them along to the expert, whose secret identity we will soon be revealed.

Email your questions to us at: [email protected] by 5 p.m. PST on Friday, November 23.

Oh, one more thing: you’re welcome.

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