I’m a word guy and I hope that’s obvious. But numbers are important, too. Here are some numbers to date with regard to the Verbitrage effort of publishing Primacy.


Number of pages: 400

Number of words (before proofreading changes): 116,507

Number of typos found after printing: 1


Number of days the book has officially been on sale as of this writing: 13


Hardcover price: $24.95

Hardcover price as discounted by Amazon: $18.96

Hardcover price as discounted by Barnes & Noble online: $19.01


My gross proceeds on trade sales of a hardcover: $8.73

Those proceeds net of expenses: given fixed costs etc., so far way less than 0


E-book Price: $9.99

Discounted Kindle Price: $7.99

Discounted Nook Price: $7.99


My net proceeds on a $9.99 e-book: $6.99

My net proceeds on a $7.99 e-book: $5.59


Wholesale sales lay-down: 4749

Number of warehouses that had to reorder during the lay-down period: 2

Returns: 1

Number of copies I delivered myself to a local bookseller: 12


Number of hits to the Verbitrage home page: 4578

Number of hits to the Buy Now page: 415

Number of copies I’ve sold directly from the Verbitrage website: 10


Number of Facebook ad impressions: 317,715

Number of clicks on those ads: 87


Number of customer reviews on Amazon: 3

Average number of stars on those reviews: 5

Number of customer reviews on Barnes & Noble: 3

Average number of stars: 4.5


Hardcover sales rank on Barnes & Noble (morning of 9/13/11): 411,722

Nook sales rank (morning of 9/13/11): 104,377


Best Amazon hardcover ranking so far: 103,566

Best Kindle sales ranking so far: 21,304


Number of video interview appearances so far: 1

Number of radio interviews scheduled as of this writing: 14


Number of airport stores carrying the book: 185

Number of friends reporting they saw it in an airport: 2

Number of friends reporting they didn’t see it: 1


Number of trade reviews: 3

Number of trade reviews that were largely positive: 3

Number of those that used the word “appealing”: 2


Number of known on-line reviews, excluding trade reviews and re-posts: 6

Number of those I’d characterize as positive: 5

Number I’d characterize as middling: 1

Number of times the middling review claimed (wrongly) that the book is only available as an e-book: 1


Number of times my aunt in Florida was told by a clerk at Barnes & Noble that the book is only available as an e-book: 1

Number of hardcover copies my father bought from Barnes & Noble stores in Florida: 10


Number of known print articles about the book: 1

Number of Q&A’s with me, currently online or forthcoming: 5

Number of guest posts to blogs, out or about to come out: 3


Number of blogs doing book giveaways: 6


Number of reviews on Goodreads: 6

Average rating: 3.5 stars

Average rating if you go right now and give it five stars: 4 stars

Number of Goodreads members who have marked it as “read” or “to-read”: 197


Number of copies offered for September 15 Goodreads giveaway drawing: 10

Number of people registered for the giveaway: 1084


Number of times a real, live bookseller told me only my mother would show up if I made an author appearance: 1

Number of times another real, live bookseller, upon reading the book, exclaimed it “a perfect beach read” and offered to help me promote it in her store with two different appearances: 1

Number of times I have smiled at the email she sent me offering to do this: 23


How much all of this is costing me: that’s between me and my accountant


Odds this effort will lead to a job offer: 1 in 1,000

Odds I’d take the job, if offered: 1 in 1,000,000

Odds I’ll write another novel instead: 1 in 1

Odds I’ll publish that novel exactly as I published this one: 1 in 2


What it adds up to: too early to say whether I’ll make some money or lose a lot, but at least, so far, the reviews are good!

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J.E. Fishman, a former Big Six book editor and former literary agent, is author of the thriller Primacy, which Publishers Weekly called "appealing" and Kirkus called "good, boisterous fun." His mystery novel, Cadaver Blues, was serialized in 2010 on TNB and you can still find it here if you dig deep enough. It's now available in ebook and paperback. His financial thriller, The Dark Pool, was published this year, and his new series of police thrillers, Bomb Squad NYC, will be published in February 2014. He blogs here and at the Huffington Post. Please visit and follow him at his very fancy and expensive official author website.

One response to “Publishing Primacy — Folio 26: Primacy Numbers”

  1. J.E. Fishman says:

    Wouldn’t you know that the second I put numbers to paper (or to pixel) I’m made a liar. Just looked and best Amazon hardcover ranking is now 87,994. Best Kindle ranking is 18,069. Heading in the right direction.

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