By J.E. Fishman


Oh, my America

what do you say to the little boy in kindergarten who lies bleeding on the classroom floor?

what do you tell the parent fallen to her knees in grief at the unspeakable loss?

what more do you ask them to bear so that your right to firearms may live unimpeded?

what do you require them to sacrifice so you can stand upon your unwavering principles?

how do you propose to protect them from the horror you have unleashed?

will you employ more than the three hundred million guns you already have?

what will you say to your God when you meet Him?

will you sing His praises in war metaphors?

will you stand in pride before His gates having watched others suffer for the inch you would not yield?

is that the glory for which you arm yourself?

and to feed that glory how many more must watch their future fade to black?

or the future of their children?

when do you say enough — I have gone too far?

how many deaths by firearms until your rights become unbearable?

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J.E. Fishman, a former Big Six book editor and former literary agent, is author of the thriller Primacy, which Publishers Weekly called "appealing" and Kirkus called "good, boisterous fun." His mystery novel, Cadaver Blues, was serialized in 2010 on TNB and you can still find it here if you dig deep enough. It's now available in ebook and paperback. His financial thriller, The Dark Pool, was published this year, and his new series of police thrillers, Bomb Squad NYC, will be published in February 2014. He blogs here and at the Huffington Post. Please visit and follow him at his very fancy and expensive official author website.

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