it was not so much the warm wine
honey or maybe berry
or a gloved hand tucked into
pocket, jacket, or something or other
fire eaters, towers flaming orangey
it was a brick breaching
cracked and crackling, burgeon loaf of bread and head of people
if the bridge were to tumble
someone would find, much later, my black leather glove
or a plucked eye from bat or rat
it could even be from pigeon or raven
water swallows a fogged frog

croaking into the neck of a wine bottle


JACKLYN JANEKSELA is a poet/artist since birth. She has been published in various literary magazines in NYC where she did her MFA in Creative Writing. She has been roaming the world from Colombia to the Czech Republic with her husband and cat named Little Rabbit. She will be somewhere in Eastern Europe this summer making music. Her family is planning a pilgrimage to Finland to unearth some bones.

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  1. Shaina says:

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️

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