Please explain what just happened.

I spilled my latte all over an old man sitting too close to me at Starbucks.


What is your earliest memory?



If you weren’t a comedian, what other profession would you choose?

Chef, or maybe farmer.



Describe a typical work day.

Up at 6 a.m. to start doing radio call-ins to promote various shows.

Smoke a toke.

Big bowl of peanut butter Cap ‘N Crunch.

TV watching (usually Real Housewives or Top Chef).



Smoke a Toke.




Is there a time you wish you’d lied?

Of course. Also lots of times I wish I didn’t lie.


What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself at age thirteen?

Lay off the sugar, kid. And don’t wear those white shorts on field day in 8th grade. No one believes you sat in ketchup.

If you could have only one album to get you through a breakup, what would it be?

Joni Mitchell’s Blue.


What are three websites—other than your email—that you check on a daily basis? (checking ticket sales!).

Facebook (DUH).



From what or whom do you derive your greatest inspiration?

My dad, probably. He’s super-motivated and always encourages me.


Name three books that have impacted your life.

Notes to Myself – Hugh Prather.

Dance Dance Dance – Haruki Murakami.

On the Road – Jack Kerouac.


If you could relive one moment over and over again, what would it be?

Honeymoon.  🙂


If you could collaborate with any other artist, regardless of genre, who would it be?

Meryl Streep, Carol Burnett or Jane Lynch.

What makes you feel most guilty?

My temper.


How do you incorporate the work of other artists into your own?



Please explain the motivation/inspiration behind your new CD One Hick Wonder?

It is completely inspired by my crazy small town southern upbringing and my obsession with cheese.

What is the best advice you’ve ever given to someone else?

Stop scratching it.


List your favorite in the following categories: Comedian, Musician, Author, Actor.

Wanda Sykes, Ben Folds, Haruki Murakami, Meryl Streep.


If you had complete creative license and an unlimited budget, what would your next project be?

A one woman show – multi-media, full band, acrobats, and trampolines. Plus, I get to fly like Peter Pan.

What do you want to know?

Who killed JFK?  Why is Tara Reid a star?


What would you like your last words to be?



Please explain what will happen.

I’m gonna go home and walk my dog.

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Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, JEN KOBER has bounded onto the national stage bringing crowds to their feet with her original blend of stand-up, storytelling, and improvised rock-n-roll comedy.

Classically trained at The Theatre School of DePaul University in Chicago, Kober is also an accomplished actress. Her original one woman show, sUbcIty was the winner of The Director’s Choice Award at The Kennedy Center Theatre Festival. She has studied improv at both Second City and Improv Olympic, and has toured successfully with her improvised one woman shows, JUNK IN MY TRUNK and MY BIG FAT COMEDY SHOW. In 2006 Kober was the runner-up in the MySpace Stand Up/Sit Down Comedy Challenge, which aired on both TBS and as part of Comic Relief on HBO. In 2007 she appeared on Showtime’s White Boyz in the Hood and Comics Unleashed.

In 2008 Kober made an appearance in Jamie Kennedy’s comedy documentary Heckler, was a featured comedian on Oxygen’s 25iest Celebrity Bad Girls Gone Good, and she headlined at over 280 colleges across the country. 2009 had Kober appearing on NESN’s Comedy All Stars, and she taped a stand up special for MTV’s LoGo Network that is airing currently. 2010 was another exciting year for Kober. On the acting front, she played villainess Muriel Ledger in the family feature film Cool Dog, landed a recurring role as a lawyer in the new HBO drama series, Treme, and filmed a role in the feature film The Fields with Sam Worthington.

In 2011, Kober has appeared on Happy Endings on ABC, and is on Season 8 of the hit HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. She played Lo’Quacious Jones in the new MTV movie Worst. Prom. Ever. and will also be featured in the new American Pie Reunion movie due out next year. Most recently, she taped a co-starring role in episode of NBC’s new hit sitcom Up All Night starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph.

Leslie Berman of The SWLA Times writes: "Kober is one of the most talented comics of our time. I've been betting on her to find her niche and go national since the first time I saw her. I thought: ‘She’s got to be our 21st Century Lucille Ball,’ and that’s no exaggeration. If you're twenty years younger than me, think hipper Tracey Ullman."

Jen Kober currently lives in Los Angeles, where she continues to develop new material. She also travels the globe, spreading mass amounts of laughter worldwide with both her stand-up and improvised comedy shows. Jen loves Yoo-Hoo and ranch flavored Corn-Nuts and wonders why instant gratification takes so long.

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