KnightKrawler Presents: Another Endless Knight, a review by Belinda Otey

ANOTHER ENDLESS KNIGHT is an intense read with a raw, neo-soul perspective mixed with the poetic voice of storytelling.

This author’s obvious zeal for poetry gives me the unsuspecting insight into his world, (unlike anything I’ve experienced in a first read.) In previous encounters with new authors of poetry, I often need to re-read the prose again and again before I can get a clear depiction of the written cadence in my mind.

However, it is rare for a reader to encounter such well written poetry that is painted alongside a vibrant and vivid story. KNIGHTKRAWLER, is certainly one of those vital and refreshing exceptions. Literally, I have been shaken and riveted through all 218 pages.

If you can be captured like I have simply by this poet’s written words just think of how the cadence and tempo of a deeply expressive spoken word performance is from such a freed soul…

The philosophy and power in BATTLEFIELD gave me my strength back, MY RIVER…YOUR RIVER, showed me a picture of home and reminded me of Langston, and I’m definitely a fan of THE WAIT/WEIGHT, HOOK, and of course NIKKI… darlings, he hit my poetic senses in such a breathtaking way that I am in need of much more from this young poet and I’m certain there will be many more great things to come from this creative artist.

His talent simply overflows.

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  1. Ms.B says:

    Knightkrawler is truly a great writer. His poetry is very inspirational and you can feel the passion he puts out! Congratulations , keep writing.

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